‘Bristol Blanket Bank’ needs a home…

Calling the Bristol business community…
We need your help, and we need it fast!

A team of willing volunteers, including myself, are looking to create a space in Bristol city centre where folks (like you and me) can donate blankets to provide our homeless and elderly with some added warmth during the bitterly cold festive season to come.


The project team leader, Junior Saunders (who happens to work at young homeless persons charity 1625 Independent People) is calling this new initiative the ‘Bristol Blanket Bank’… see what we did there, clever huh?!


Our wish list:

  1. We would love a premises in the centre of town between the Bear Pit  to Old Market
  2. We would like to occupy this space between w/c 17th December – end of January 2013
  3. We would need the space between the hours of 7-11pm 2/3 nights a week
  4. We would like to source and let this space for FREE if at all possible.

In return, we can offer:

  • FREE PR for anyone willing to help support our initiative, especially the landlord’s name in any press interviews
  • An endless supply of love, gratitude and peace of mind for your support!

The evening post are ready to run with the story, and all the volunteers are set to go…
We just need a venue and everything else will follow!

So, if you think you can help, or you think you know someone who can help us PLEASE do get in touch:

Project Leader
Junior Saunders
07525 910907 

Project Volunteer 
Ryan James (myself!)


We hope you share our passion in support of those in need during the festive season.
Many thanks in anticipation of any help you can possibly provide.

Junior and Ryan


One comment

  1. An update on the ‘Bristol Blanket Bank’ project appeal… A premises has been found!

    A newsagents on Union Street have kindly offered to provide addition space they have upstairs, together with additional staff for 7 days a-week from mid-January through to March.

    Additional information about this project can be found here:

    A big thank you to everybody who provided support, contacts and ideas… it was very much appreciated. Ryan (and Junior)

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